Cspire offering 1gbps internet. Is that a good thing?

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A reader sent this link Cspire 1gbps internet . This company is offering competition to verizon, comcast, and time warners speeds.

And there lies the problem. Comcast is a monopoly. Not only cable but also in media. You know they probably set it up so you can’t see any of these free shows network streams unless you are on a internet provider that plays their game. Comcast probably has lobbyist that fight to keep that status quo in ever city. Ask philly? the gov. wanted to give free wifi to the city that wasnt going to happen. Guess where comcast headquarters is located.

And another thing the whole internet needs to step its game up or those kind of speeds are useless. How many times have you maxed out your current connection? We want all these high speeds but are not pushing current speeds. Sure you can run netflix, stream a game, surf the web, and etc. but that is for like an hour or 2. what about the rest of the day? Is there any a home user needs 1gbps.

Cspire is going to be good for that city. the rest of us will have to envy them. The problem is you would need the fiber optic wiring that means uprooting the current cable. No company wants to set the infrastructure and then not be able to get in the market. Here is another question why isn’t Verizon offering the same speed?

Just ranting I see the cable bill and wish there was real competition. All these companies keep all these companies agree to keep their prices similar so they don’t each others business. Answer me why am I paying a franchise fee? I don’t own a business with you guys. Just ranting.

Is apple’s new iphone 5s and 5c revolutionary?

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iphone 5s

iphone 5s

The new iphone 5s information has been released from the latest apple conference  I have to say the specs on the phone are impressive on paper.

To quote apple:

iPhone 5 set a precedent, with an amazing amount of technology in a remarkably thin, light design. iPhone 5s builds on that achievement with:    Touch ID — a fingerprint identity sensor. An A7 chip with 64-bit architecture. An even more impressive iSight camera. And ultrafast LTE wireless.

Now these sound like revolutionary technologies but lets look at the reality of the situation.   The 64-bit architecture is a standout point, but does a phone need the power of pc in it. Does angry birds need to be able to run at full power.  Now if apple had applications showing us how powerfu this would be for everyday use I would be impressed. Apple did showcase  game with fast rendering times but honestly I have a playstation 4 for gaming purposes.

iphone 5

iphone 5s comparison

Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 preview

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Samsung has recently unveiled the new galaxy note 3 for the world to see. This king to the phablet (phone tablet) has made some improvements to previous design by becoming slimmer and upadating the s pen. With the new s pen you have new feature called air command. With that you get new features. Here some quick highlights:
• Action Memo gives you the capability of actually writing notes.

• Scrapbook allows you to highlight content on social media sites.

• Screen Write captures a screen and allows you to write comments on that captured image.

• S Finder is looks to be a powerful search tool for the phone.
Instead of having to find apps that search the phone samsung has made it simpler.


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 preview.

How to find a computer package part 1

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Where Do You Start Looking For Computer Packages

Where Do You Start Looking For Computer Packages
By John Wellington

Finding computer packages is certainly not difficult in this year of 2006. Heck, where can’t you find computer deals and computer packages? Check the local Best Buy, Circuit City, or Target if you don’t believe me. They’re everywhere you look. (more…)

Samsung S4 release today April 29, 2013

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T-mobile has release the much anticipated Samsung S4.


Samsung S4 set to ship april 30

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For those waiting on the new samsung offering the s4. The wait is almost over. It is set to release on att on april 30th. Get your credit cards out and get ready so you are able to one of the firest ones to have the newest in cellpone tech.

read more at the att site

Dell Crystal 22 inch Flat Panel LCD Display

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Dell Crystal  22 inch Flat Panel Display

The Dell Crystal 22 inch flat panel Display is pure art. The glass and metal design is just pure elegance. Dell monitors are giving Apple’s monitors a run for their money. You can get more info about the monitor after the jump. (more…)

OQO has some plans up its sleeve.

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OQO is getting ready to turn the UMPC world on its ears in the near future. The word on the street is that OQO is sending out invites to a conference for a product launch in London. Here is video of the current OQO. Looks real tasty, but I am content with my Sony Vaio UX50.

If you need to check a current OQO model check below

The rumored G phone aka Android

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